Junior Eco-Expert Project 2019

Dear Eco Project Partners!

As the 21st Junior Eco-Expert Project is approaching I would like to share some important information with you.

The topic of this year's project is: Ecologically Aware People – a Hope for the Future. The arrival date (for 20 students and two teachers from each partner school) is 2nd June, the departure date – 7th June.

The students are going to work in five groups dealing with the following topics:

1. Protection of biodiversity in the mountainous region.

2. Mineral resources and impact of their exploitation on the region.

3.Sustainable exploitation and use of brine. (swimming in indoor brine swimming pools, bring swimwear)

4. Protection of water. (hike)

5.Ecological methods of animal keeping.

There are some  issues we would like inform you about and requests connected with this year’s Eco Project’s organization.

1.As we received the Visegrad Fund grant there are certain requirements our school and all the partners need to meet. One of them is for all the partners to have a website in English dedicated to the project with the International Visegrad Fund’s logo and a direct link to www.visegradfund.org. Therefore we would like to ask you to create such a website if you don’t have one. The address of our Eco Project site is: https://www.szybinski.cieszyn.pl/eco-project. I am sending attached the IVF’s logo.

Below is what the contract states:

”The Grantee is obliged to acknowledge the Fund’s support of the Project (i) on all premises where events take place as part of the Project (in the form of a banner or flag), (ii) in all printed materials distributed as part of the Project and (iii) on all websites connected with the Project, including the Project website and the websites of the Grantee and of the Project Partners, while all the websites must be available in English language as well. All acknowledgements must visibly carry the current version of the logo of the Fund and, if on-line, must be directly linked to www.visegradfund.org. Acknowledgements in event venues must be present for the duration of the events; acknowledgements on-line must remain active for the whole Contractual Period of the Project, at minimum. The Grantee shall ensure that any of its Project Partners acknowledge the Fund’s support for the Project to the same extent that the Grantee is obliged under this Contract.”

2.Could you please send us the lists of  your students participating in the project, divided into the five groups, the sizes of the T-shirts, the number of boys and girls, and the names of the accompanying teachers  by 23rd April?

3.Could you also send us your school logos, in the vector based version, please? We will need them for the T-shirts, etc.

4.As we would like to compare some environmental issues in all our countries, we would like to ask your students to prepare answers to three questions (they may be in form of a short presentation):

a) Do your regions face a problem of  endangered animal or plant species? If so, what is done to prevent it?

b) What natural resources are extracted in your region and how does it affect the environment?

c) How do you conserve water supplies in your area?

5.As usual we would like to ask the students to prepare a cultural programme for the closing ceremony. It is going to be held in the school gym and the stage dimensions are 6 m x 4 m.

6.5th June is going to be a sports day with a picnic. Students will need sports kits.

7.Official guests – we would like to invite the head teacher with a teacher (translator) from each school and a representative of the local authorities (could you please send us the name and address of this person?) We hope the VIP guests will be able to arrive on 5th June as it would give us all a chance to meet in the evening, and we have planned a morning programme on 6th June (we’re thinking of a short trip to Wisła with a guided tour of the President’s Residence from the 1930s). The closing ceremony is planned for 6th June, 14:00.

We are all looking forward to seeing you in June.

Best regards,

Iwona Bebek, Agata Klus-Bieńkowska and the Eco Project Team

P.S. We would like to invite the former head teachers from Austria, Hungary and Poland to the closing ceremony.





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